Artist Statement

My works question the conventions and ideologies within society. Obey ridiculous and often contradictory rules; my work seeks to question truths and assumptions. My visual investigation starts by breaking appearances down into elements; dividing things, images and material. Dividing, comparing, classifying and re-arranging, I provoke questions as to the nature of what things are and how they appear to us.

I focus on finding the nature of an object, and using creative ways to manifest the peculiarity of “something”. This includes material, medium, object, ideology or perception. “It is Sculpture” (2010) is a work that explores the nature of sculpture. I use the same A4 paper to print the sentence “It is sculpture” repeatedly by laser printer. This sentence has a certain thickness and become a paper sculpture. I developed another version called “Braille”, using translation from the English words (It is Sculpture) encoding it into Braille. “Destroy” is an impressive ceramics work. I created twelve grenades that are made of stain, and then I throw them on the ground to ‘destroy’ them. This work enacts the truth of violence, fragility and destruction. In short, I aim to dig out the nature of “something” through the creative act.

The specific materials I employ – fiberglass, metal, plaster, paper-mache are important for creation which deliver different feeling to audience. My favorite medium is ceramics. It is a recurring interest as they encompasses earth, fire, air, water and involves imagination to transform the intention to realization. I attempt to create a space of illusion through forging ‘peculiar’ object and bright colour, which is outstanding to our ordinary environment. The shape of objects are unusual and the fired in fluorescent colour. It is a kind of dialogue that is not limited by language. It is about how objects “speak” and have their way with us in the space of illusion. Furthermore, it aims to raise questions about the establishment of order in our culture, govern perceptions, language and practice. My works attempt to construct an illusion to counteract the reality.

In conclusion, many of our perceptions of reality are products of socialization, of conformity. I attempt to reconstruct another reality, one that challenges our current perception of reality. By doing this, I hope to raise the awareness of the audience that we are living in a ridiculous and superficial world.